Friends and Benefactors, 

We thank you for your continued financial support during this global pandemic. Your support continues to help us bring relief to those who are so desperately in need. 

Cast out of society, living in despair and loneliness, the lepers face many hardships that most of us cannot imagine. They are quarantined for life because of their open wounds and social stigma. Constantly being “locked down,” they have no social privileges or freedom. 

Sister Ha cares for a leper’s wound at a clinic in her convent

There is no way to eliminate all their suffering, but we can minimize it by providing them with care and basic human necessities. 

Our effort to improve and develop the wound care program is considered an essential step on the path to eradicate leprosy. In reducing wound size by managing infections, we prevent the lepers from the loss of limbs. Our hope in this program will protect the dignity of the lepers and their future generation. 

Progress made in reducing the wound size wit the help of continued care

We pray for all our benefactors, their families, and all those around the world affected by COVID-19. Let us unite in hope and uplift each other despite our differences. Let us embrace our neighbors, for we are stronger together under the shelter of God’s love. 

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