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This scholarship application form is to be completed by a student who is in their final year in high school or currently attending college or vocational school. This process is overseen by a project leader who guides the student through the application requirements, deadlines, and provide support in compiling the required documentation.

Home Address
Địa chỉ cư trú của gia đình
Are you a first member of your family to attend college?
Do you live with a disability?
Will you be working while attending school?
Do you consider yourself a leader or a doer?

School Details

School you will attend.
The year that you will graduate.
Your graduate High School GPA if this is your first year in college.
Your major in science, technology, politic, religion, medicine, etc.
School or community activities, sports, our volunteer works you have participated in.
Have you ever received a scholarship from DLS?

Your Objectives

Additional Details

Do you plan on coming back to serve in your community?


Applications are evaluated based on the principles and spirit that align with DLS’ standards, ensuring that each one adheres to the values and ethical guidelines set forth by our organization. This thorough review process reflects a commitment to maintaining a community and environment that upholds these core beliefs and practices.

Project Leader Name