In 2020 , we provided medical, food and hospitalization support to 540 lepers; staffed 19 wound-care workers to take care of the lepers, built 3 houses for 3 leper families; and we provided scholarships to 664 students. All of these missions were accomplished across 15 provinces in Vietnam.

Bình Thuận.Scholarships for 17 students$1,168.00
Bình Thuận.Medicine cabinet for the lepers$1,000.00
Bình Thuận.Food for 6 lepers in one year$936.00
Dien BienScholarships for 19 children and transportation for Soeur Yen$2,467.00
Gia Lai7 workers for wound care for 178 the lepers$3,700.00
Gia LaiFood for 39 the lepers$6,051.00
Gia LaiMedicine cabinet for 39 the lepers in one year$1,724.00
Gia Lai2 workers for wound care for 39 the lepers$3,700.00
Gia LaiMedicine, wound care, educating hygiene and providing nutritious food for 178 the lepers$4,000.00
Gia Lai4 workers for wound care for 86 the lepers$3,700.00
Gia LaiHospital fees for lepers for 1 year$3,000.00
Gia LaiMedicine and 2 wound care workers for 18 the lepers$5,700.00
Gia LaiScholarships for 158 students$12,825.00
Gia LaiScholarships for 106 children$10,035.00
Gia LaiScholarships for 83 students$9,108.00
Gia LaiMedicine cabinet for 86 the lepers in one year$1,000.00
Ha NamScholarships for 23 children and transportation for Soeur Yen$2,530.00
Ha NoiScholarships for 39 children and transportation for Soeur Yen$4,591.00
Kon TumMedicine cabinet and hospital transportation for 181 the lepers in one year$7,085.00
Kon Tum4 workers for wound care for 181 the lepers$3,700.00
Lang Son and Cao BangScholarships for 32 children and transportation for Soeur Yen$5,527.00
Lào CaiBuild house for Đăng Văn Hòa (31t) and transportation for soeur Yên$2,600.00
Son LaScholarships for 53 children and transportation for Soeur Yen$7,642.00
Thai NguyenScholarships for 41 children and transportation for Soeur Yen$7,894.00
Thanh HoaScholarships for 14 students$2,124.00
Tuyen QuangScholarships for 56 children and transportation for soeur Tinh$6,986.00
Tuyen QuangMedicine cabinet for 32 the lepers in one year$750.00
Tuyen QuangFood for 32 the lepers and transportation for soeur Lành$4,808.00
Yen BaiScholarships for 33 children and transportation for Soeur Yen$4,240.00
Yen BaiBuild house for Lý Thị Soi and transportation for soeur Yên$2,300.00
Yen BaiBuild house for Lý Thị Út and transportation for soeur Yên$2,300.00
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