Projects Funding Process

Funding request

To receive funding from Damien the Leper Society, the local charitable organizations or the lepers themselves submit their requests to our society. Our local agents and/or our representatives perform field review and report their assessment to the board.

Funding approval

The board of Damien the Leper Society meets twice each year to review and approves the funding requests. Each request will be considered for its scope, needs, probability of success and alignment with our society goals and objectives. The board decides whether to approve, reject, or refer the funding requests to other charitable organizations that are better aligned with the funding requests.

Funding Disbursement

Once approved by the board, funds for approved projects are then earmarked and channeled as needed into the hands of those selected to administer the aid, usually representatives of various charitable and church organizations working in the field.

Field Verification & Report

Once the recipients of our funds report that a project is completed, our field agents visit the site, verify the project project, and confirm adherence to the agreed project scope. The field agents then provide our society with field reports.

Summary Reports to Benefactors

Using the field reports, Damien the Leper Society prepares our yearly funded project reports to communicate to our benefactors what we have done with the funds we raised. Combined with our financial report, these funded project reports provide our benefactor with clear information on how their donations are being used to help the lepers.